Song Mountain Ski Team

2019 - 2020 Registration


Welcome to the 2019-2020 Registration for the Song Mountain Ski Team!

This  registration  session  will  allow  you  to  register,  sign  consents,  complete  contact  information  and  submit  payment  online  or  elect  to  submit  payment  offline.    To  complete  registration  online  payment  through  our  secure  site,  please  have  your  Visa,  MasterCard,  Discover  or  Checking  account  information  available.    Following  the  completion  online  payment,  you  will  see  a  charge  on  your  credit  card  account  from  Song  Mountain  Ski  Team,

Multiple  athlete  families  -  Please  read!!!

In  order  for  the  registration  system  to  recognize  that  your  family  is  registering  multiple  athletes,  please  register  all  of  your  athletes  at  this  time.    On  the  Review  Page,  there  is  a  link  near  the  bottom  to  "Register  Another  Athlete"  --  please  click  on  this  link  to  ensure  that  all  of  your  family's  athlete  are  registered  within  the  same  order.  

PLEASE  NOTE!!!    Song  Mountain  Season  Passes  are  NOT  included  in  the  registration.    For  the  latest  pricing  on  season  passes,  contact  Song  Mountain  Ski  Resort  at  315-696-5711  or




This  program  is  designed  for  younger  less  experienced  skiers making  the  transition  to  All  Mountain  skiing.      Training  is conducted  on  Saturdays  and  Sundays  from  10:00  AM  –  3:00 PM,  with  an unsupervised  lunch  break  from  Noon  to  1  PM, beginning  January 4th.    All children registering for the All Mountain Team must be familiar with the ski lifts and be able to ski the beginner slopes in a snow plow.  A  3-day  camp  on  December  27  - 29th  during  Christmas  break  is  available.   


On-snow  training  includes  a  combination  of  drills,  directed  free skiing  and  an  introduction  to  ski  racing.  Participants  are divided by  age  and  ability  into  groups.    Participation  in  selected  United States  Ski  &  Snowboard  races  is  optional  and  subject  to discussion  between  families  and  coaches.  Coaching for  these events  is  included.    A  US  Ski  &  Snowboard  General Membership  is  required. 


U10/12  PROGRAM  


The  U10-U12  Program  is  for  the  young  skier  ready  to  move  up  from  the  All  Mountain  Team.  Typically  this  is  U10  &  U12  ages,  but  some  U8  skiers  join  us  as  well.  We  maintain  a  balance  between  having  fun,  building  a  positive team  environment,  and  advancing  our  skiing.  We  want  you  to  love  skiing  as  much  as  we  do.

On  snow  training  includes  a  combination  of  drills  and  directed free  skiing,  and  is  for  intermediate  skiers  looking  to  develop their  fundamentals  while  exploring  Alpine  racing. The  program reinforces  fundamentals  while  giving  the  athlete  the  tools  to be an  entry-level  Alpine  racer.  Participation  in selected  United States  Ski  &  Snowboard  races  within  our  region  is  generally expected.  Coaching  for  these  events  is  included.    A  US  Ski  & Snowboard  Competitor  Membership  and NYSSRA membership is required for racing in events otherwise a general membership is required. 




The  U14  Program  is  for  athletes  progressing  with  their  alpine skiing  and  transitioning  to  a  more  comprehensive  training  and racing  schedule.  On-snow  practice,  which  begins  as  soon  as Song  Mountain  is  open  combines  free  skiing,  drills,  and  gates. Technique  (how  to  ski)  and  tactics  (where  to  ski)  are  taught  in tandem.  Coaches  will  present  a  general  training  plan  for  the group  and  customize  some  aspects  to  meet  individual  needs. We maintain  a  balance  between  having  fun,  building  a  positive team  environment,  and  advancing  our  skiing.   


Technical  and  Tactical  Emphasis

Reinforcement  of  carving  skills  while  learning  line  and  strategy.

Emphasize  the  use  of  tactics  to  achieve  carved  turns  in  the most  appropriate  line  for  the  athlete.

Always  work  on  the  very  basic  fundamental  drills  to  insure mastery. 

Develop  speed  and  efficiency  by  refining  carving  and  steering movements  to  achieve  the  desired  turn  radius  in  courses.  

Use  a  variety  of  course  sets,  conditions,  and  terrain  to  teach the  skier  to  adapt  to  different  situations.  

Free  ski  all  conditions  with  competence.  A  US  Ski  & Snowboard Competitor  Membership  is  required. 




Skiers  in  this  phase  are  starting  to  grow  into  their  new  bodies after  the  growth  spurt,  with  the  benefit  of  increased  stamina. Strength  gains  can  be  quite  rapid  in  this  phase,  and  skiers  can be  expected  to  generate  more  power  through  their  turns throughout  the  course.  The  anaerobic  system  starts  to  become developed,  allowing  skiers  to  ski  with  greater  intensity  from start  to  finish.  This  will  be  a  general  guideline  with  some individual  planning  necessary  in  some  cases.  U16  and  above often  have  had  6-11  years  in  the  sport.  At  this  age  athletes should  begin  to  specialize  in  their  sport,  note  athletes  are encouraged  to  play  one  complementary  sport  to  support  their skiing  skills . 


Conditioning  Emphasis

With  increased  physical  development,  conditioning/recovery sessions  becomes  more  important.  With  training  schedules  and studies,  these  conditioning  sessions  can  be  difficult  to  schedule. The  athlete  will  often  need  to  find  some  personal  time  that works  best  for  fitness  maintenance.  Coaches  will  give recommendations  of  workouts  that  can  be  performed individually.  Playing  complimentary  sports  when  possible,  is helpful.  Increased  aerobic  conditioning  and balance/agility/coordination  is  key.  Resistance  training  will  help develop  strength.  Older  athletes  should  be  utilizing  Olympic lifts  for  power. 


Technical  and  Tactical  Emphasis


Refinement  and  event  specific  stage  for  technique  and  tactics.   Integrate  the  increased  strength,  power  and  body  size  to achieve  a  more  optimal  line.  Incorporate  jumps,  terrain, traverse  and  long  turns  into  training.  Advanced  tactics  for difficult  situations  (a-rhythmical  course  sets,  difficult  conditions and  terrain). 


Performance  Psychology  Emphasis


Develop  and  refine  race  day  plan.  Develop  mental  rehearsal routines.  Refine  goal  setting  process;  what  to  focus  on,  what works  on  race  day,  develop  “ athletic  plan”    to  approach training  sessions  and  life.  Document  through  journaling. Parents continue  to  support  the  commitment  of  the  athlete  in  the sport. 


Competition  Emphasis

Appropriate  level  and  number  of  races.  




Ski a lot and train hard but have fun doing it! That combined with a lot of natural ability will lead to fast times at the bottom of the hill. 


The After School Program focuses on skill development applicable to ski racing.  Athletes have Weekends, Holidays and 4 afternoon training sessions available per week.  Weekday training is Tuesday through Friday from 3:30 PM to 6 PM directed by the Ski Team Head Coach.  Weekend training will predominately be with the athlete’s regular coach for his or her level.


Coaching in this program requires individual attention to a specific athlete for specific reasons to create specific reactions. Only the basic skills can be addressed to a group as a whole so this program is designed to be very individualized.


Athletes will be selected by a committee and based on an application process. Please send an email to if interested.

Family Maximum Volunteer Fee (Does not apply to All Mountain registration)

There is a Family maximum for the VOLUNTEER FEE in place of $100. If registering multiple athletes please do so at this time by selecting "Register another Player" on the review page. This will ensure that your bill does not go over the $100 maximum.

***Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of your Family’s discounted rates.***


More information about the Volunteer Fee can be found on the 'Waiver' page.

USSA Membership Requirement

You must register first with USSA and then return to this Registration Session to signup.  If you have not already signed up with USSA, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1:  Obtain current USSA Membership
    • IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CURRENT USSA MEMBERSHIP:  CLICK HERE to go to USSA Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USSA. Each player must have their own unique USSA Membership ID.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USSA Membership ID that you received in Step 1.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Tom Donahue


Phone: (607) 771-1393